FRWMB picks DNRC hydrologist Ethan Mace to head Office of the Engineer [09/02/2022]

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RONAN — Perhaps the biggest step forward for the Office of the Engineer is the hiring of the water engineer. It is the top administrative position that will have the hands on the wheel implementation of the Unitary Administration and Management Ordinance under the oversight guidance of the Flathead Reservation Water Management Board (FRWMB/Board).

Last week, the Board tabbed Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) hydrologist Ethan Mace, who has been the DNRC staff representative in the Office of the Engineer. The Flathead Nation staff representative is Natural Resources Department hydrologist Seth Makepeace. The new DNRC staff representative is hydrologist Maya Roa.

Mace was among three finalist candidates for the water engineer; the others were Jace Smith and David Devine.

Board member Ken Pitt praised Mace as a “valuable member” of the Office of the Engineer. Following Mace’s acceptance of the position, Pitt made a motion to draft an in-house press release to be distributed to area news outlets.

Board Chair Clayton Matt gave kudos to Board members for the work they’ve done in the year since the September 17, 2021 effectuve date of Flathead Nations Federal Reserved Water Rights Compact settlement. To this point the Board has okayed more than 200 domestic allowance applications, including the 11 okayed at last week’s meeting.


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