Water Right Resources


If you have questions about how to fill out a form, contact the Office of the Engineer.

Form – 60DF Part A – Application to Construct an Individual or Shared Domestic Allowance

File this form before you construct a well for domestic use.

Form – 60DF Part B – Individual or Shared Domestic Allowance Completion Form

File this form after completing Part A and you have put your domestic well to use.

Form – 635F – Redundant Well Construction Notice

File this form if you are constructing a well to provide a backup source of water for a Public Water Supply System as defined in MCA 85-20-1902.

Form – 634F – Substitute Well Notice of Completion

File this form if you need to replace a well that can no longer deliver water. You must abandon the old well and provide well logs for the old and new well, along with an abandonment well log with your application.

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